We get inspired by what we experience and feel every day.

Our small village on the coast, close to Barcelona.

The sun and the light of the Mediterranean. The nature that surrounds us, the mountains and different social environments that always stimulate our creativity.

All these elements and a need to undertake a project beyond our normal professional activities, has led us to confront this exciting adventure of creating an eyewear brand.

We are three professionals coming from different backgrounds, linked by the love of our community, our place.

United by the desire to share our passions and interests: music, sports, traveling, nature and positive relationships between people.

Our brand feeds on all these things, our brand reflects who we are, what we feel.

We believe in the mix of talents and energies which push us to create something

unique and durable. Creating glasses for the people with whom we share a common understanding of life. We are restless, open and with a spark of audacity.

An entrepreneurship like ours needs courage and of course involves taking some risks, all of which we understand to be something stimulating and good.

This is our nature and what inspires us to create VULPINUS day after day.


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